Liquids & Vacuum Sealing

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Suction machines will pull liquids out of a bag immediately. If the machine has a liquid trap this will help keep the residue from accessing the vacuum pump, but contaminates the seal.  YOU MUST LEARN TO CONTROL THE LIQUIDS. VERY EASY TO DO...see below............


Vacuum Sealing Liguids

Controlling liquids:

  • Wrap the product prior to putting into the bag with a saran type wrap
  • Freeze product first or freeze long enough to set the residue...
  • If the product is a liquid such as soup or stew, freeze the product in a container (so that the size of the frozen block will fit into the bag)
  • Make a soaker pad out of a paper towel, inserting into the bag between the product and the seal.
  • Some products can be blotted dry with paper towels—removing enough residue to allot the process of obtaining a good seal.

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