Meat Grinder Hints...

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Hints on Assembling  Meat Grinder:

The body (head) is installed into the base first.  Next to the auger. 

Most tabletop grinders will have a  spacer (thrust washer) on the end of the auger being inserted into the head.   This is a very necessary item as it pushes the knife and plate together making a snug fit. 

INSTALL THE KNIFE WITH THE SHARP EDGE FACING OUT.    Next, the  plate, the round part with holes,  is installed, then the nut (ring)

The meat pan sets on top of the head, most have brackets to support the weight of the pan...


  • When starting to grind, snug up your lock ring, but do not tighten it until meat reaches the knife and plate. Then tighten the lock ring. The meat lubricates the knife and plate, extending the life of these components.
  • When replacing the knife, consider replacing the plate also, each hole in the plate has a cutting edge.
  • When cleaning up after the job. The best lubricant for all components is food grade mineral oil...  Other products build up residue.



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