Suction Vacuum Machines-Advantages/Disadvantages

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Suction Vacuum Machines

ADVANTAGES of Suction Vacuum Machines:

  • Cost of machine...
  • Size and Weight
  • Ability to custom make bags from rolls.



       Bag Cost

       Over Heating...  too many seals and it  shuts off.....

       It comes back on in about 20 minutes but then the BIG problem,

       NOW it won't do anything without shutting off.    WHY? 

       The machine didn't have time to cool down...  





Success with suction machines requires some technique-

Problems with liquids? Alaskans do four things to control liquids.

  1. Pre-wrapping in clear plastic wrap.
  2. Freezing first or freezing enough to set the residue.
  3. Inserting a folded paper towel in the mouth of the bag between the product and the seal.
  4. Patting it dry with paper towels.

Heat is also a concern.  When doing volume, the heat bar may overheat and cause the machine to shut down.  Slowing the process can occur by starting the heat at the correct setting, decreasing the heat as the bar gets hot .

Consider using precut bags, one end is sealed.



Using the right bag can solve all your problems!

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